Why Your Trading Shouldn’t Be Simple (Yet!)

The Duomo Initiative
7 min readMay 23, 2024

You may have heard the claim that successful trading should be simple and you shouldn’t overcomplicate things.

On face value, this is true.

But it’s also incredibly misleading and is the cause of failure for many beginners. Let me explain…

A woman walks into a Parisian café and notices a man sitting at a table scribbling onto his napkin. As the waiter brings over his coffee, he chucks the napkin to the side. At that moment, the woman realises she’s been watching Pablo Picasso. She’s awe-struck.

After debating with herself for a moment, she builds up the confidence to go and speak to him.

“Monsieur Picasso”, she says, “I love your work. Could I possibly have that little drawing you’ve done on the napkin?”

Picasso looks up at her excited face and replies, “Yes, of course Madame. That will be 10,000 francs”

Her face transforms into outrage, “10,000 francs? But it only took you 30 seconds to draw it!”

“No, my dear” he replies. “It’s taken me forty years.”

Whether or not that story is true (I doubt it), it has an important meaning. Particularly for someone learning to trade. A master of their craft can often make things look quick and simple. An amateur might think it must…



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