What George Soros Revealed About His Trading Analysis

The Duomo Initiative
3 min readJan 11, 2022

Whether you hate him or love him, George Soros is still one of the greatest traders of all time and we can learn a lot from what he does in the markets.

In one of his books, he’s asked about his analytical ability and he says,

“I am not a professional security analyst. I would rather call myself an insecurity analyst.”

He later explains how he knows he may be wrong and that gives him a sense of insecurity which keeps him alert. He’s very critical of himself and is constantly looking for the flaws in his position, knowing that they must exist.

Then, once he finds a flaw in his trade, it doesn’t mean he just closes the position. Instead, he can feel more confident about the trade because he knows how he could be wrong and he’s prepared for it.

In fact, it’s an extra advantage because he knows how it’s wrong but the market doesn’t, so he could be ahead of the curve.

He then looks for signs that things are going wrong and will close the position based on that, rather than having blind confidence.



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