Trading Catfish Scammers!! (Key points/cheat sheet)

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Here are the key points from our video ‘Trading Catfish Scammers!! (Important Announcement) Trading Spammers / Scams’ that you can use as a reference guide or ‘cheat sheet’. The video is available on our YouTube channel and at the bottom of this article.

  • We have received messages and seen first hand how people are creating fake Duomo Initiative accounts on YouTube and commenting on our videos pretending to be us, trying to convince people to contact them by email.
  • It’s important to note, we very rarely ask anyone to email us, but if we do, our email addresses always end in not Gmail or anything else.
  • We never comment on anyone else’s channel or videos. If you ever see a Duomo commenting on another channel, it’s not us.
  • If you’re unsure about a reply you get from us or from anyone else, always take a look at the channel. If it is clearly not the same channel, for example if they have no subscribers or no videos, then it’s probably best to avoid them.
  • In our spam folder on YouTube, we have over 5000 messages from people pretending to be other popular YouTube channels or finance professionals — it seems no videos are safe!
  • We have also seen cases on our video where someone pretends to be a normal person and talks about success they have had in trading (usually binary options) and when someone replies, they engage in conversation before eventually asking the person to email them. This has led to people handing over money and getting scammed, because they don’t see it coming.
  • To help combat online trading scammers, we will be launching a new series based on the popular TV show ‘Catfish’. We will be investigating the people behind these email addresses and attempting to track them down and expose them.
  • We need you to get involved. If you have been scammed before or you have had any contact with these sort of scammers, please get in touch. You can send an email to, please send as much detail as you can and any screenshots of conversations you’ve had.
  • Always be cautious of people that contact you in the YouTube comments or anywhere else, especially if they are asking you to hand over money. They may claim this is for their account management services, signal providing or one-to-one mentoring. Please do not make any transfers without knowing precisely who they are, what you’re getting and where you’re sending the money. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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