The Hidden Cost of Mediocrity With Your Trading Efforts

The Duomo Initiative
5 min readMay 30, 2024

It’s commonly accepted that it takes great personal sacrifice to become world-class in any skill.

This belief often serves as an excuse for people not to give their utmost effort in achieving their goals.

Over the years, I’ve seen this pattern repeatedly with people learning to trade.

Since they think there’s a huge cost in giving it their 100% effort, they settle for mediocrity instead.

But there’s an irony here that most people don’t realise.

Consider these questions from James Clear and try to answer them in relation to how you approach your trading development:

“What’s the cost of doing a poor job? What’s the cost of doing a mediocre job? What’s the cost of doing an exceptional job?
Which price are you willing to pay?”

Some of the costs involved in doing an exceptional job are time, effort, discipline, and discomfort. This often means making other sacrifices to free up time and energy.

These are usually the reasons that stop people from doing an exceptional job. They’re just not willing to pay that cost.

  • They avoid learning difficult topics.
  • They stay in their comfort zone rather than addressing their weaknesses.



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